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Choosing an apartment in Vancouver. Where you want to live?

Planning to move to Vancouver in the near future? Looking to relocate to a different part of Vancouver?

Whatever the case we will provide you with some straight to the point advice when choosing your apartment in Vancouver. Choosing where to rent is half the battle! People always speak about the beauty of Vancouver and if that is important to you then you must find Vancouver apartments in that area. We will break each main location with the highest selection of apartments to rent. The pro's and con's so that you can make a wise choice. Obviously different people like and want different things so we will list and will continue to expand on the pro's and con's of renting in different Vancouver locations.

Perhaps the more obvious issue will be your budget. How much can you afford to pay for rent in Vancouver? With a limited number of available apartments from month to month, you can expect rents to be high. Good deals can be found, but you will need time and patience. Do you have both of those? If your location is more important than cheap rent, then you will be very happy in most apartment locations in Vancouver. If budget and cheap rent is most important, you may want to consider outer areas like Richmond, Surrey or New Westminister. These areas are far from downtown Vancouver and the rents is cheaper because of that fact. You can however find apartments close to the RAV line or the Skytrain in these outer areas which makes transportation a little less painful. Another option if budget is a concern to you is looking into Vancouver Co-op housing options.

We would appreciate your tips and advice on these locations! On each page you can add your own pro's and con's thanks to our blog enabled pages. That means you can help other renters choose the best possible location! Renters helping renters. That's such a great concept!

Click on a link below for detailed information about renting an apartment in the main areas of Vancouver. Please contribute in the comments section. You can post as a guest, no registration required. Your advice and tips are appreciated.

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1 - Vancouver West End
2 - Yaletown
3 - Kitsilano
4 - East Vancouver - Commercial Drive
5 - Metrotown Burnaby Apartments
6 - North Vancouver
7 - Brentwood Mall Burnaby

vancouver apartments for rent
Map of Vancouver - Find Vancouver Apartments in an area that you will be happy with.

Vancouver's West End 

Considering an apartment in the West End of Vancouver?

I've lived and rented for years in the West End of Vancouver. Nothing is better than walking to work. Nothing is better than leaving the car at home. If you can deal with noise, which everyone can and does with a bit of time, I urge you to consider renting an apartment in the West End of Vancouver. With the growing number of bike lanes and the city of Vancouver being more bike friendly in general it gives you a simple way of commuting or getting around the West End of Vancouver. Of course with living downtown you will need to adjust especially depending on where you're coming from. If it's small town living your from, then downtown Vancouver and the West End would pretty much be the complete opposite. I say give it a try!

As part of making the website more useful to apartment hunters, it would be great to have some community driven discussion. If you have experiences, both good and bad about living and renting in the West End, please add your own comments below and help others considering renting in this area. You can just post as a GUEST, and no registration is required to add a comment. Renters helping renters!


west end of vancouver british columbia apartmentsWest End Vancouver Apartments - The Good and the Bad

Note: The West End is massive. If you find an apartment to rent that's in the middle of the West End it's much quieter. That said, there is a fire station in the middle of the West End also. Most of the noise issue are when you are in apartements closer to the downtown core and closer to the main streets like Pacific Avenue, Davie Street, Denman Street and Robson Street. So, the noise issue won't affect you nearly as much if you are in the middle of the West End or West of Denman closer to Stanley Park.


  • Beautiful scenery.
  • Walk everywhere.
  • Lots of apartments to choose from.
  • Close to English Bay and Stanley Park.
  • Exciting and stimulating living environment.
  • Offers wide range of rent prices from cheap to very expensive.
  • Very open minded people living in this area. If you don't fit in or like to dress in your own way nobody will judge you as you walk down the street.
  • Large Asian student population.
  • Great shopping.


  • Apartment rents can be expensive.
  • Noisy with Fire trucks and Ambulances.
  • Loud motorcycles in the summer.
  • Very little free or 2 hour free parking so it's difficult to have visitors.
  • Most apartments don't have underground parking. Most times you will have to park on the street with a West End parking permit. Usually not hard to find street parking with a permit, but you can get your car dinged up over time.


[click image for larger size]
vancouver apartments for rent in the west end
© Danielle Bauer

Yaletown - Vancouver Downtown

Is renting an apartment in Yaletown a good choice for you?

If you are not worried about expensive Vancouver apartments for rent, then Yaletown is a great choice. It's new, it's trendy and it's beautiful. The area is very centralized with the core shopping and restaurant area at the center of the Yaletown Vancouver location. The Yaletown apartments are modern with the latest and greatest technology like fibre optic internet. Most of the apartments in Yaletown are within condos. This means the higher the apartment, the great the cost of rent. With such a dense population in Yaletown, the apartments will generally be smaller than what you might find in areas outside of downtown Vancouver.

Read more about Yaletown at Wikipedia.

Yaletown Vancouver Apartments - The Good and the Bad


  • Lots of night life with many restaurants and cafes
  • Can walk to work if you work in downtown Vancouver
  • Close to Yaletown RAV transit station
  • Close to Stanley Park seawall
  • Some big fields


  • Expensive rents
  • Limited parking for friends when visiting
  • A long walk to work depending how far west you have to go downtown
  • On the outskirts of downtown Vancouver



yaletown vancouver apartments
This photo shows the typical Yaletown Vancouver apartments setting. You have a couple nice big parks and ultra modern condo / apartments in the area.



apartments for rent in vancouver
Narrow streets are part of the uniqueness of the Yaletown shopping district. Great night life, restaurants and cafes. Never a dull moment around Yaletown Vancouver BC.


Kitsilano - Vancouver's West Side

Kitsilano Area, UBC, West Side of Vancouver BC

Vancouver apartments in Kitsilano offers a mid to high range of rents. The deeper you get into Kitsilano, generally the higher price the apartments are to rent. You won't find many concrete highrise apartments in this part of Vancouver. You will find houses to rent and basement suites to rent. There is also a large supply of wood constructed low rise apartments. You have close proximity to Kitsilano Beach, Jericho Beach and English Bay. There are many coffee shops, stores and restaurant in Kitsilano.

Transit is somewhat limited in that you are not close to the main transit modes like Skytrain or the RAV line. If you're looking for apartments near UBC, Kitsilano apartments will be your best option. Kitsilano is an ideal location for you. Overall the Kitsilano apartments are wood constructed and are of the older variety. That means 4 story apartments is about average for the Kitsilano area. You won't find tall apartments in Kitsilano for the most part.

If you're looking for lower price rents, the outskirts of Kitsilano which is near Broadway, Granville, 12th Avenue and Hemlock areas are great options. There is a large number of older wood constructed low rise apartments. There is great transit options in this area as Granville is a major transit line with express bus service up and down Granville and east and west on Broadway.

kitsilano apartmentsStreet parking in Kitsilano is not great and is somewhat limited. Parking is more of a problem in the areas near Hemlock/12th Avenue. It's permit parking in Kitsilano so that at least opens up the alley ways for you to find parking. The problem is that a lot of Kitsilano apartments don't have underground parking or limited underground parking. Again that comes down to the age of these apartments in Kitsilano.

Overall, Kitsilano apartments for rent are a great option. If you want affordable apartments near UBC, check out what's available in Kitsilano.

Read more about Kitsilano at Wikipedia.

Kitsilano Apartments - The Good and the Bad


  • Great for UBC students
  • Lots of shops and restaurants of 4th Avenue
  • Kits Beach
  • Lots of Kitsilano apartments to choose from


  • Expensive rent in most areas
  • Older constructed buildings
  • Limited parking availability



kitsilano apartments
This photo gives you a really good idea of what types of Kitsilano apartments are available. This photo of Kitsilano apartments is facing North towards English Bay and the North Shore mountains in the background.


East Vancouver Apartments

Commercial Drive aka The Drive – East Vancouver Apartments


This part of Vancouver has many lower cost rent optionis. You won’t find many apartment buildings in this area but plenty of houses and basement suites. The apartments in this area are low rise and mostly made of weed type construction.

The drive, as it is sometimes referred to as, features great nightlife and restaurants. You will find pretty much everything you need within walking distance. This is a great feature of any Vancouver apartment. Ask yourself, if you’re renting, can you get your day to day needs filled within walking distance? If you are reliant on transit you can get skytrain at Broadway and Commercial or use the requent bus service on Commercial Drive or on Broadway.

This is a quiet area for renting Vancouver apartments. There is also a good number of low cost housing coops if those interest you. Basically volunteer your time in maintaining the apartments and you pay a heck of a lot less for renting. That’s the trade off when renting in a housing coop.

Learn about Commercial Drive and check the their forums for apartments for rent. Visit for more photos and info.

East Vancouver Apartments - The Good and the Bad


  • Open minded community.
  • Lots of great restaurants and coffee shops.
  • Cheap apartments.
  • Lots of houses and basement suites for rent.
  • Skytrain at Broadway and Commercial Drive.


  • No major retailers in the commercial drive area.
  • Commercial drive area and Broadway/Commercial drive area the only decent transit options.



east vancouver apartments for rent
The photo was taken at the intersectinon of 1st Avenue and Commercial Drive. This is pretty typical of the type of buildings and businesses that line Commercial Drive. If you're into restaurants and coffee shops, the look at renting East Vancouver apartments.


Metrotown Apartments Guide

Metrotown Mall Area – Burnaby Apartments Listings and Guide

If you're looking for less expensive apartments for rent in Vancouver, then Burnaby is a good choice. The key for looking at Burnaby apartments for rent is finding something that has good access to skytrain. It's the skytrain running through the metrotown area that is a real advantage. You get the great shopping and movies in the Metrotown Mall plus you get a lower rent because these apartments are further from the core of Vancouver city. This area in Burnaby BC also is close to Burnaby Central Park which features Swangard Stadium and Central Park Pitch & Putt golf.

Kingsway street is a major artery which crosses metro Vancouver. Willingdon Ave is another major road which is a major North/South route between North and South Burnaby. BCIT which is the techinical and trades institute of BC is in close proximity to Metrotown Burnaby apartments. If you're going to be attending BCIT, then looking at apartments around Metrotown makes a lot of sense.

The area around Metrotown is quite new so there are minimal amounts of cheaply constructed apartments. There are numerous high rise apartment buildings which can get expensive as you get to the higher floors. Just remember that tip! If you want a cheap apartment in Vancouver, then go for the lower floors. A view costs extra don't you know?

Aside from great shopping and transit around this area of Burnaby BC, you also have the massive Burnaby Central Park. If you need to walk, run or job then this treasure of Vancouver should keep you busy for many days, week and months. Don't underestimate the opportunity to live near such a majestic park. It might just save you a gym membership and help you stay in shape.

One point worth mentioning is that there are a few co-op housing apartments in this area. As I've mentioned before, coop housing is a great option which gives you a greater sense of community and security where neighbours know each other. People might suggest to you that you have to invest a lot of your time in working for the co-op. That is true in some instance but all coops aren't run the same and honestly when you look at the rent comparison, a co-op is so much more affordable that a bit of time cleaning up the coop is really not a big deal. I would suggest checking out the following co-op housing apartments in that area: Byrne Creek Housing Co-operative, Antrim Place Co-op, Andras Place Co-op, or Rainbow's End Co-op. There are more, but those are quite close to Metrotown. And always remember when looking to rent in co-op housing. Be patient, apply annually to the same co-op and be persitent.

Metrotown Burnaby Apartments For Rent - The Good and the Bad


  • Easy access to a few different skytrain locations
  • Lots of shopping nearby at Metrotown Mall
  • Close to highway 1
  • Close to BCIT
  • Lower rents that other Vancouver apartments locations


  • Less selection of apartments compared to other areas of Vancouver
  • Crime more common around skytrain station areas


burnaby apartments for rent

Click here to view current Burnaby apartment listings on craigslist!


Map of Metrotown Burnaby BC Area of Vancouver

View Larger Map




apartments for rent in burnaby bc
(photo: Polygon Homes)

This photo is of the Metrotown area of Burnaby BC. There are a few tall apartment buildings in this area. If you need transit, then Metrown Burnaby apartments are worth looking at.


North Vancouver Guide to Renting 

North Vancouver aka Vancouver North Shore Apartments

I’ve lived in North Vancouver for years. It is an amazing area of Vancouver to rent apartments. The area is mid to upper class so don’t expect to get real bargains on cheap apartments for rent. North Vancouver covers a lot of area and is spread out. It's a great place to raise a family also. Of course the one issue is being isolated and having two bridges to deal with especially if you're relying on commuting over them during your work week.

There is a wide range of renting options including concrete hirise apartments, lowrise wood constructed apartments and plenty of houses and basement suites. Some of the key areas include Lonsdale which offers a wide range of businesses and apartments. It's the main street in North Vancouver. I would look at the 15th and Lonsdale area for some decent apartment options. Don't worry if you're relying on transit because you can easily get a bus down to the sea bus terminal at the foot of Lonsdale. I should mention that the Lonsdale Quay is the market and seabus terminal at the bottom of Lonsdale. If you're into cooking then it's a fantastic place to get your fresh ingredients. It's very similar to Granville Island.

If you're considering co-op housing there are a few decent options, although there are no coop housing apartments in the Lonsdale area. Here are a few worth considering: Creekside Co-op, Capilano Co-op, or North Shore Co-op. Remember when applying, think about what benefits you could provide the coop such as bookkeeping experience, maintenance experience, volunteering, etc that will make you the perfect choice for the coop. Most times there are wait lists and if you are able to sell yourself you stand a better chance of being chosen to join the co-op.

If you don’t own a car you will be relying on a fairly limited transit service. If you’re close to Lonsdale avenue which does have the highest density of apartments for rent, you can get good bus service up and down Lonsdale. If you need to commute to downtown Vancouver, then you can get the Sea Bus which is located at the base of Lonsdale avenue. Depending on which part of North Vancouver you are renting and apartment in, you can get to Vancouver via the Lions Gate Bridge or Second Narrows aka Iron Workers Memorial bridge. The downside to commuting via the Lions Gate Bridge is in the fact that it’s only 3 lanes. That means rush hour you will have 2 lanes going in your direction, but if you are going across at odd times, you may be faced with only 1 lane getting over Lions Gate. This can be a problem because you have 4 lanes going into one lane. Over the long term this could be a source of frustration unless you can accept long line-ups at various times.

North Vancouver Apartments - The Good and the Bad


  • Family orientated community.
  • Mid to upper class.
  • Safe.
  • Quiet.
  • Seabus terminal from North Vancouver direct to downtown Vancouver.
  • Close to 3 ski hills.


  • Lions Gate Bridge can back up traffic.
  • Expensive apartment to rent overall.
  • Shopping and stores are spread out unless you live near Lonsdale Avenue.
  • Mediocre transit system.


Check updated and current North Vancouver apartments for rent on craigslist.



north vancouver apartments for rent
The Seabus in the forefront of this photo and North Vancouver in the background. If you look to the center of the buildings, you can get an idea of where the most North Vancouver apartments are. The tall buildings you see in the photo are in the Lonsdale Ave area of North Vancouver and is a place you would want to consider.


Burnaby BC Apartments

Brentwood Mall Area – Burnaby Vancouver Apartments

Looking for highrise Vancouver apartments? The Brentwood mall area has sprouted up for a reason. Simply it's the skytrain and it's close proximity to this area. The apartments in this area were built so that you have easy and fast access to skytrain. Rents in this area are very reasonable in comparison to other areas of Vancouver. It's really grown into a small community which can provide all the neccessities along with new restaurants all within walking distance.

In terms of Burnaby apartments, you have Metrotown and Brentwood mall areas which has the most dense apartments for rent. Certainly Metrotown has been more of an apartment hub, but Brentwood mall is expanding along Lougheed Highway. The newly built condos along the skytrain line also open up rental opportunities. Most of the condo apartments won't come cheap, but they come with some useful ammenties such as gyms and entertainment rooms for parties. The fact is these condos are in key locations along the skytrain which make communiting via transit very convenient. And as you know, convenience often comes with a cost.

In addition to great skytrain location, there is Brentwood Mall which has everything you need. There are a few restaurants that are located along Lougheed highway. These apartments are also a good option for student planning to go to BCIT. Willingdon Avenue runs right through the center of the Lougheed/Brentwood mall apartment location.

Burnaby Brentwood Mall Apartments - The Good and the Bad


  • Reasonably cheap rents
  • Good access to BCIT
  • Skytrain station at Willingdon and Lougheed
  • Close to Brentwood Mall
  • Quick access to Highway 1


  • Area is relatively spread out
  • Not a large number of apartments for rent



rent vancouver apartments burnaby bc
This photo gives you a view looking east with Brentwood mall in the background. You can see the skytrain line which runs along Lougheed Highway. There is a skytrain station location at Brentwood Mall at Willingdon and Lougheed Highway.





vancouver bc apartments

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