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Moving In, Moving Out, Damage Deposits, Rent Increases, Etc

Attention to all renters! Laws protect you from being trampled by a landlord or rental owner! It's up to you to protect yourself. Learn British Columbia laws and renter rights before you rent a Vancouver apartment. Just because you are told something doesn't make it the truth. Many apartment landlords do not actually know what the laws are or what your rights are. Another rent incease of how much? It might save you money in the long run if you learn a few of the important rights that you have while renting an apartment in Vancouver and British Columbia. When it comes to rent increases, damage deposits and evictions, things can get nasty and you can lose your money when perhaps it's unlawful how you are being treated. Again I'm not advocating confrontation. I'm pro landlord tenant respect. That's it. Let's all play by the rules and live happily ever after!

We have a government that regulates apartment rentals and the laws. You have rights by law and often times these rights are abused by landlords and owners in British Columbia. Prepare yourself before you start searching for a Vancouver apartment. Before renting in British Columbia, know your rights!

You have likely seen in the news many protests in Vancouver BC and Richmond BC by renters facing brutal apartment rent increases or apartment eviction notices. What could be worse than having a bad landlord or bad owner? It's scary and it does happen. I've been in many situations in the past years where I had to dispute Vancouver apartment rent increases or other issues.

Another common complaint with rentals in Vancouver is damage deposits and issues around rental termination or Vancouver apartment leases. You can educate yourself. That is the key when fighting a bad Vancouver apartment owner. Trust me there are lots of them. In fact, a lot of landlords don't even understand the apartment guidelines or rules when it comes to you and your apartment agreement. It's simply better to arm yourself with knowledge, and then fight to protect your rights.

At the bottom of this page, I have given you links to the best Apartment rights and resources for BC rental folks like yourself. There are many laws that protect you in British Columbia as a renter. It can be confusing but it is essential. There are many steps that you can take before deciding on what Vancouver apartment would be right for you. I just can't stress this enough. I've been in disputes with landlords and I won because I knew my rights. They tried to bend the rules but the laws will support you and save you money and from being ripped off. Don't think it doesn't happen, it does. It's up to you to protect yourself and your money.

Resources for BC renters rights

I've been a renter in Vancouver BC for many many years. I have done the Vancouver apartment search indeed. One thing that is common with renters is not knowing what their rights are. Don't let a landlord or owner push you around! There are many things that you can do to combat a bad landlord or owner. Check these links for great information that will make you a happy renter in Vancouver BC. Educate yourself starting today.

TRAC Tenants Resource & Advisory Centre

This is the #1 resource with many downloadable pdf documents about what you need to know. They cover every aspect and every situation you many encounter while renting in the province of British Columbia. Think of this as a BC renters survival guide. Don't move in without it and don't sign anything or pay anything until you have given some of this information a read.





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