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Be patient my friend if you choose to find a co-op in Vancouver.

If you're just learning about co-op housing Vancouver, there are a few myths out there that you need to be aware of. The reason you would want to consider co-op housing is because you will paying the least amount of rent possible. How much will you save? I think in some cases you could be shocked to compare co-op housing


Vancouver rates vs. regular Vancouver apartment rents. The question becomes, why pay high rents in Vancouver when there is an alternative such as co-op housing? Most times it's simply because people don't really know about co-op housing or are fearful of all the hours of volunteering that will be required. Read on!

It's likely you know somebody or know a friend of a friend who lives in Vancouver coop housing. One of the big myths is that you will be forced to work around the co-op and volunteer for hours a week. Not so. Well, of course there are exceptions, but overall most co-op housing in Vancouver is fair and reasonable. All Vancouver coop housing is self regulated meaning they make the rules around what type of participation is required by members. Some co-op housing Vancouver buildings are strict and others are very relaxed and you won't be spending much time at all helping out or volunteering on various committees.

One other consideration is with co-op housing shares. This is an up front payment that you will get back when you move out. Sometimes it's small, but sometimes that amount can be $1000 or more. The fact is you will get the money back when you decide to move. It's just a question of whether you are able to afford that up front money plus all the costs associated with a move.

How hard is it to find a co-op housing Vancouver vacancy? As mentioned at the beginning, coop housing means dirt cheap rent in comparison to what you will pay on the market. That means people don't move out. Sure sometimes they do, but at this time and with housing being very unaffordable, coop housing is a hard find. Not impossible, but certainly not easy or quick to do. If you find a co-op housing in Vancouver with a lot of vacancies I would be highly suspicious.

If you're disabled, co-op housing should be something you look into. You will find all co-op with excellent disability consideration and accessibility. If you are looking for 3 or 4 bedroom apartments in Vancouver then co-op housing is certainly the place you want to be looking. It's the co-op's with the 3 and 4 bedrooms that most times experience vacancies as families get older and the kids start moving out.

Do you have kids? Planning on having kids? I almost forgot one of the best aspects of most co-op housing Vancouver apartments and townhouses. And that is? Most co-ops are family friendly! You are going to find kids committees and kids parties in most places. Also, some coops in Vancouver allow you to move into a bigger apartment as your family grows. So if you move in as a couple without kids and rent a two bedroom and later have kids, you should be eligable to move up to a three bedroom. In 2011 there isn't a lot of movement in most co-ops but you can eventually get a bigger apartment within your co-op to accomodate your growing family. Of course you need to be patient for a 3 or 4 bedroom to become available. At least though you will have some hope.

I've personally rented in many different Vancouver apartments over the years. In most instances you would be lucky to know your neighbors face let alone their name. There is a certain feeling of security when you live in a co-op because people usually know each other, almost too well in some instances. Through the various committees and meeting throughout the year people get to know each other. Generally everyone looks out for everyone elses best interest. If somebody is an intruder it's a lot easier to spot in a co-op housing situation than it would be in a face of hundreds at any other Vancouver apartment building. It does make a big difference when you can be friendly to other people living in an apartment and where most people are long time tenants. A nice friendly greeting by your first names is a very nice aspect of co-op housing that most people don't think about beforehand. It's just another reason why I think you should honestly consider co-op housing Vancouver options.

The co-op housing Vancouver resources on the city of Vancouver's website are the best in our opinion. They break the city into different sections and from there, you can find apartments and the sizes available. Included are the special needs apartments.



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co-op housing vancouver

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Check Vancouver apartment listings often to beat the competition for the cheap apartments. This city is expensive and apartments are no exception.



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Co-op Housing Vancouver

What is the best website for finding co-op housing Vancouver?

We can provide you with tips and advice regard Vancouver co-op housing, but it's the main Vancouver city co-op housing resources. Check it out here.

How expensive is it to move into a co-op in Vancouver BC?

When you move into a co-op in Vancouver BC, you will have to pay a one time fee called a share purchase. It's like a regular apartment damage deposit except that when you move out you do not get interest on the money, but you get all the money back provided there isn't damage to your apartment. The amount for shares in Vancouver co-op housing ranges from $1000 to $7000 dollars. Most coop housing Vancouver is around the $2000 range.

How long does it take before I will get accepted into a Vancouver co-op?

It's getting longer as Vancouver apartments keep rising in price. The reality is that you could wait up to 3 years to get into a co-op in Vancouver. If you are on subsidy that time will be longer than if you require no subsidy. This is because most Vancouver co-op housing apartments have maximum subsidy tenants and cannot take on more expenses. If you have a reasonably good paying regular job then you should do just fine. Of course you will also have to pass the interview process which is also something that can increase acceptance in Vancouver co-op housing.

Does coop housing mean that I have to spend hours every month cleaning or doing work around the coop?

It really depends. Every coop in Vancouver is run differently by different groups of people with different ideals. Some coops you will hear about are strict about attending a few meetings every year. Coop housing means running independently so the people of the coop do most things. There are various committees such as membership, maintenance, finance, etc. These are usually voluntary positions. Some coops may be strict about your participation and you may be required to be on a committee at some point during the year. Don't worry though. The benefits far outweigh the time you would be required to volunteer. In most instances people are about enthusiastic about spending time in a meeting as you are!

If I get an interview, what tips do you have for getting accepted and being the chosen candidate?

It helps if you know someone in the coop for sure. It helps if you have experience volunteering that you can talk about during the interview. Being able to pay market value (non subsidized housing) and having a steady job will help. Most coops are in a situation where the subsidy is maxed and risky members aren't as desirable in most situations.