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Update: We are interested in technology especially when it comes to apartments for rent in Vancouver. Guess what? We're launching some new website content which will allow you to use technology to speed up searching and save your valuable time in apartment hunting. Trust us, this is exciting stuff. Check back over the coming weeks as we add new content which ultimately will save you time and make you life so much happier! We promise!

Our goal: To be your first choice for finding Vancouver apartments. Our secondary goal is to give you the best resources in British Columbia to protect yourself against bad landlords or apartment related issues. There are laws that protect renters in British Columbia!

Background Info: Living or moving to Vancouver BC means you have or are dealing with finding apartments. If you have looked for an apartment to rent in the past few years, you know this is a hassle. Downtown or West End of Vancouver British Columbia has such a low vacancy rate that often you can't even get an apartment when you actually need it. Had enough of rare apartments for rent Vancouver Canada? It is from this frustration that I decided to launch this Vancouver apartments website. I want to help make your life simpler. How can I hope to accomplish this?

The days of looking through a Vancouver newspaper are long gone. Canada wide, people are using online apartment listing resources. You are likely computer savy and have the websites for Vancouver apartments already. Having said that I bet you still have to visit many sites to make sure you find all that is available.

I love Craigslist and I love Kijjiji. I'm sure you use both these Vancouver websites often because like I said, newspaper classifieds suck. What I bring you is both these fantastic resources into one website. I will give you the Vancouver apartments RSS feeds but on ONE page. So, you can view all the latest Vancouver apartments in one place and be assured that it is updated to the minute. Seach easily for the most updated apartments for rent Vancouver British Columbia Canada.

Beyond just Vancouver apartments, I will give you local Vancouver British Columbia Canada news and Vancouver and Canada sports news feeds on the same page. Heck, the 5 day Vancouver weather forecast will be on the same page! I realize the hunt for Vancouver apartments may take days, weeks or even months. You might as well get some use from this website beyond just the stale look of Vancouver apartments listings.

apartments for rent in vancouver
Vancouver apartments in the West End. An amazing place to live.
(photo taken by: JamesZ)

Other Resourses: I have personal experience dealing with bad apartment landlords and building owners. British Columbia has laws that protect renters. Vancouver apartments and the laws governing rent increases are not widely known. There is a renters advocacy group that you need to know about. Most importantly, since you are renting a Vancouver apartment, you need to know what your rights are. Damage deposits, landlord entry into your apartment and rent increases are all abused frequently. Are you being taken advantage of? Protect yourself by knowing what your renters rights are.


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A Few Words About Myself and
Why I Decided To Launch

I launched this website in hopes of helping other people in Vancouver BC find apartments. Not only do I want to help people find the best possible apartments, but I want to help provide information about what your rights are as a renter in Vancouver. There are a lot of details about moving in and moving out of apartments that you need to know about.

I've had great experiences with landlords and I've had some terrible experiences with landlords. I've rented apartments in Vancouver for many many years and have experience which will help you.

Just because you are an apartment renter doesn't mean that a bad landlord or building owner can walk all over you. It's about mutual respect. I will provide you with resources that you should look at during your process of finding an apartment in Vancouver.

This website isn't about being anti landlord. It's about having mutual respect and understanding on what the rules are. Even landlords may not know the details of the renter rights so you owe it to yourself to be informed.

I hope you like the site and find it helpful in finding the best Vancouver apartment that suits your lifestyle, needs and budget. Good luck!