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Choosing an apartment in Vancouver. Where you want to live?

Planning to move to Vancouver in the near future? Looking to relocate to a different part of Vancouver?

Whatever the case we will provide you with some straight to the point advice when choosing your apartment in Vancouver. Choosing where to rent is half the battle! People always speak about the beauty of Vancouver and if that is important to you then you must find Vancouver apartments in that area. We will break each main location with the highest selection of apartments to rent. The pro's and con's so that you can make a wise choice. Obviously different people like and want different things so we will list and will continue to expand on the pro's and con's of renting in different Vancouver locations.

Perhaps the more obvious issue will be your budget. How much can you afford to pay for rent in Vancouver? With a limited number of available apartments from month to month, you can expect rents to be high. Good deals can be found, but you will need time and patience. Do you have both of those? If your location is more important than cheap rent, then you will be very happy in most apartment locations in Vancouver. If budget and cheap rent is most important, you may want to consider outer areas like Richmond, Surrey or New Westminister. These areas are far from downtown Vancouver and the rents is cheaper because of that fact. You can however find apartments close to the RAV line or the Skytrain in these outer areas which makes transportation a little less painful. Another option if budget is a concern to you is looking into Vancouver Co-op housing options.

We would appreciate your tips and advice on these locations! On each page you can add your own pro's and con's thanks to our blog enabled pages. That means you can help other renters choose the best possible location! Renters helping renters. That's such a great concept!

Click on a link below for detailed information about renting an apartment in the main areas of Vancouver. Please contribute in the comments section. You can post as a guest, no registration required. Your advice and tips are appreciated.

Map Naviation:

1 - Vancouver West End
2 - Yaletown
3 - Kitsilano
4 - East Vancouver - Commercial Drive
5 - Metrotown Burnaby Apartments
6 - North Vancouver
7 - Brentwood Mall Burnaby

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Map of Vancouver - Find Vancouver Apartments in an area that you will be happy with.




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